Filter for unplayable songs

As a user, I want to be able to search for songs in my library that are unplayable.

Hi @ncianca,

That sounds like a very interesting idea!

May I ask why you’d like to be able to search for “unplayable” tracks in djay?

If I need to remove tracks that were added from a source, there is no way to select those tracks to remove them:

Use Case:

  1. Add songs from a service, such as BeatSource, Tidal.
  2. Add some/all those songs from BeatSource with purchased music (e.g. iTunes/actual files)
  3. Remove the original BeatSource songs so that only the iTunes ones are left.
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Hi @ncianca,

Thank you for following up with us regarding your use case.

I will be sure to send this additional information to our team as well!