Filter/FX pads bug (?) on the Classic view

On the Classic view when trying to assign an FX to a part of a track (eg Drums or vocals), it seems it is still filtering/FX on the entire track and the specific assignment does not work. I do not have that problem anywhere else, only on the pad.

Maybe its a bug ? or am I missing something ?

Thanks guys for your help ! :slight_smile:

(on MacOs Catalina)

Hi @DJ_lion,

Thanks for reporting this bug. I’ve just tried to reproduce the issue as you’ve described it on our devices here, but wasn’t able to do so. Could you tell me if this seemed to occur when using a specific FX, or just when playing a specific track?

If you could send a video showing the steps leading up to the issue, that would be really helpful to better understand the problem. You can either share a video link here, or please send it using our request submission form.

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to getting to the bottom of this.