Finding points in track using jog wheel


I’m running djay pro 1 on a Mac, using Pioneer DDJ-SB2 controller, and am wondering how to scratch a track without it stopping, every time i turn the jog wheel to try and find a certain point in the track that is playing in my headphones it kind of stops it a bit and then moves it. I don’t quite know how to explain it but no setting within the mapping changes it to what i want it to do.

Any help would be much appreciatced


Hi Ed,

are you referring to the Slip mode?
With the Slip mode active every changes to the track like scratching will still let the track keep going as if nothing happened:)
You can activate the Slip mode by clicking the Waveform number in djay Pro.


I am using the original djay pro, where is this setting? and i think that is what I want. Its basically when listening to one track in my headphones to try and beat-match with the other track, every time i try and turn the jog wheel to move back or forward in the song, it kind of stops the track a bit, I want it to just move the track a tiny bit forward or back. Is this what slip mode is? If so, where can i find it in the settings please