Fine ajust loop in or out point using jog wheell

I’m using Djay on my iPad Pro with a DDJ400.
When your loop is manually activate so track is in loop (led loop blinks), I would like use the jogwheel to fine-adjust the Loop In or Out point ?
Thank you !

Hi @Rahiti,

Thanks for contacting the Algoriddim Support Team.

Please note that you can select the IN and OUT position on you deck by moving the jog-wheel and then selecting the IN / OUT LOOP buttons. You can either press this button on your controller or in djay directly.

If you’d like to map any button to a specific function of djay, you can do so through MIDI Learn. Find out more about MIDI Learn here:

and here:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, G

Hello @Guillermo !

I think that feature request was meant differently:

  • Track is playing, quanzize is OFF(!)
  • Set loop start by clicking the LOOP IN
  • Set loop end by clicking on LOOP OUT
    => Now the DJ wants/needs to very fine grained adjust the loop out position. For example, because it’s not exactly on a beat or where the DJ want’s to have it.

Ideally either the loop in and loop out position could be adjusted with some kind of switch (ie. different MIDI commands).

This all of course only makes sense when quantize is OFF.

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Hi @Guillermo

I was looking for the same answer, this is what the guy means but it’s on Rekordbox.

When I set a loop on DJ Pro the led’s do not flash to give me the option to fine tune with the jog wheel after pressing the in/out button.



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