Fine pitch adjustmenst in Djay Pro, like in Djay 2.

When using the app to mix (without a controller), it would be nice if it did it the same way it works in djay 2. And that is by grabbing near the pitch fader you can change the pitch in fine increments, instead of grabbing directly on the fader, and have it really move it.

I know you just made the app so maybe you are working on it. Am I missing something? Is this the fine adjustment setting that sometimes appears, and disappears? Is there a way to activate this?

Hi Lacey Ingalls,

with djay Pro as our professional version, we excluded the fine adjustment settings. We thought that most people would use the app in combination with a controller, dont get me wrong here.

Nevertheless we are always happy if our users share their feelings, I forwarded your post to our developers and we will gather all djay Pro fine adjustment requests.

Thank you for sharing.

Lukas E.

I use djay Pro on iOS as a back up / ad hoc solution for situations where I don’t have a controller/CDJ setup at hand. Therefor the jog wheel function like it is on djay 2 is a must have feature. (and the artwork on disk visible is really nice as well).

Ok. That would make it much more functional for me. Thank you.

Yeah that would be nice. Some others thought so too. : )…

I personally would like to use both, and have a choice. For me that would really help make the software more functional. It is already hard to mix live music not recorded to a grid. Us DJ’s can use all the help we can get. lol. : ) but really.

It is nice to be able to show up with just a cable, and some headphones, and be able to DJ.

They do have a small jog wheel hidden in a view, but you can only scratch with it, from my experience. : )