Fine pitch control with iDJPro

Hi all,

I’m a long time user of DJay and the iDJPro controller, I recently bought DJay 2 and am loving the additional features you guys have added. However, there is one feature missing that would help the quality of my mixing - fine pitch control.

Currently, if I set djay to a pitch range of 8%, I find that the smallest pitch adjust I can do with the idjpro is around 0.12% which results in me having to do a lot of small adjustments during the course of a mix, this can be quite frustrating if the two tracks remain “in the mix” for upwards of 2 minutes.

What I would like to see is the ability for the software to provide fine pitch control that would allow the increase and decrease of pitch values in 0.01% increments, or maybe even 0.005%. It would be cool If you could tap and hold on the pitch readout, then slide your finger up and down to adjust, a bit like how the track gain fine control currently works.

I posted this as an idea, but if this is already in the software then someone please let me know how to do it :slight_smile:

Going to bump this in the hopes someone will see it.

Does anyone else with an IDJPro know what I’m talking about or have I missed something blindingly obvious?