First live gig without laptop went spectacularly

So last week I did a show at a fest and carried nothing but my iPad and a DJ controller (and a USB hub). This was fantastic since I could ditch all my clutter and move around the fest easily with just my ipad before I got onto the stage. I did two sets using the iPad, the first one using Launchpad for iOS, and the sound could still be routed using my controller.

  • The iPad gave a solid 2 hours of playtime without dipping below 80% battery.
  • djay Pro sounded great on the big rig. The FX was section was so much fun to play with.
  • I could do a rehearsal on my iPad offstage standing to one side and the touchscreen was intuitive to use. Didn’t miss my controller.

There was no feature that I thought I missed when using the djay pro on iPad. Desktop is now completely out of my setup. I can’t stop thinking how much this makes it easy for me to travel. No mucking around with chargers and laptop related hang-ups.

Did several gigs only with my iPad and my controller and all went fine.

Only time i had a problem was djing a party outside in the summer … my ipad overheated and just stopped … luckily i had my iphone with djay2 with me and it was quickly changed and the music back on.

Apart from that never a problem.

Interesting. What version of iPad were you using?