First time using Djay Pro for Mac

First I want to say, I really like the software, the integration with my DDJ-SX2 was perfect and I love that is is plug and play.

I have a few suggestions:

Please make it so when you change playlists or search for music, when you go between playlists and the search, you go back to the song on the playlist you had last selected.

Having to scroll from the top every time is redic.

Also it would be nice to have a bar count on the waveforms.

I really liked DJaying with the software though, I have currently also use Serato and Rekordbox DJ

What I mean is that if I have my songs sorted by BPM, and I am on a song that is 114 BPM, if I leave that playlist, or stay in that playlist but search and go to the search box, when I go back to the playlist that I was on the 114 song, I am now at the bottom at the 65 BPM song and have to scroll down to 114 again.

Just stay on the last song you were on in a playlist.

Hi Jerod Oster,

thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  1. So that djay stores the view you left a playlist at? Am I getting this right?

  2. Bar count was noticed :wink: Thank you for sharing.

Cheers,Lukas E.