Fix the OSStatus error -54 Now!

This app is unusable with the latest MAC OS update. It throws errors when loading many iTunes songs. The 3 songs that the birthday girl wanted crashed with this error (The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -54.). This needs to be fixed ASAP! I do not think i can use this until the new upgrade comes out and then its a maybe lucky i have another software on board.

Sorry to hear about this, we will look into it. In the meantime I would recommend using the “My Mac” source (blue Finder icon) in djay Pro’s media library to add the folder containing your music (or iTunes would of course work as well). This will give djay Pro sandbox access to the entire folder and should circumvent the issue you are seeing.

When you start iTunes, gold down the alt/option key and then tell iTunes where your library is. Problem solved.

It worked, Thanks.

I just bought DJAY PRO running it on Swedish MacOS Sierra and El Cap
Three different computers tried
All of them, sooner or later, gives OSStatus error -54 when loading local files.

Loading the first time often works fine but duplicating or loading another one brings this error and the file is automatically removed from the QUEUE the next time I start up the application. Frustrating.

I drag them directly from Finder onto the QUEUE playlist and then load them from there.