Fixing incorrect key information produced in analysis - possible?


I did search for this query having been asked (and chcked the manuals for both Mac & iOS), but the last time this specifically was raised is about a couple of years ago, and the problem was never resolved:

So the key information derived through library analysis seems good to me, but there are mistakes in some tracks which is understandable. I know these are incorrect because of what my experience with the tracks tells me, what my ears tell me and what Mixed In Key also tells me (its’ accuracy is really pretty good)

So how do I edit the key information manually to change it to the correct key? I couldn’t see as mentioned when searching.

Is this just not possible as is with the app?


I believe tag editing is only possible on the Mac version.

That’s one of the many faults with the windows version. I have had it seen 2017 and have yet to find it usable. Waiting to see if we will get all the features that the MAC/IOS has to make it really usable.

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Hi @groovekitchen, I have confirmed with the engineering team that it is not possible to edit the Key on iOS or macOS. Thanks!

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