Fixing missed tracks on playlist after moving them from other location

In my opinion, one of the big missing in Djay Pro 2 for Mac OS, is the possibility of remapping the tracks in the playlists, to find them easily after, when they change location. (e.g when a track is moved from the internal disk to an external USB disk, it can no longer be played from a playlist).

This is possible in other softwares like Rekordbox for example.

Thank you.

Hi @The_Smix,

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I assume you are working mostly with the My Finder library option of djay Pro 2?

Yes of course. I would like to clarify that the problem does not concern the files (tracks) in the my Library section (Finder Tab), wish is updated every time Djay Pro 2 is re launched, but in the playlists section created by the user from play queue (therefore, this section is also concerned by this issue).

Thanks @Lukas_E for your reply

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