Fizzle like someone pulled the power on an old tube amp

Brand-new iPad 128.
Latest iOS 6.13
16000 tracks loaded from iTunes
Pioneer DDJ-wego With latest firmware.
Plugged into 10 watt iPad AC adapter

I was spinning live in front of for 300+ people. With nothing but the iPad and DJay
Everything was working fine, then I heard weird static distortion and then it stopped working It’s seem to just fizzle out like someone pulled the power on an old tube amp

I forced close the program relaunched and it worked again.

This crash happened twice in the night I was down for maybe 40 seconds of dead air with no backup

At the end of the night, The controller stopped responding Completely. But I was able to use the onscreen just finished the last song No one noticed that.

I really want this to work. I don’t want to use any other software on the iPad
I can’t stand traktor. Mixvibes cross doesnt support controllers

Has anyone seen this problem before?
Is there a log I can send? How do I send it to you?
Are there any other controllers that are more stable than the Wego?

Other Observations:
I keep having to turn on the master tempo every time I load the track This is ridiculous. Why is it not an option?

Can’t quite read the full title it cuts it off Especially bad when you have a different versions of the same song They all looked same.

No Way to see the key when browsing the record case

I wish that it remembered the sort by BPM every time I go into the record case

Aside from that, it worked out quite well


Thank you for taking time to reply. i am using the Most current version from App Store. For the sound card setup, using the default mappings for pioneer ddj wego. It configures it automatically

any ideas?

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Hi Wirelessdj,

Thanks for your feedback though I’m sorry to hear about the issue.

Which djay version are you using? Also, what is your Audio Devices Setup?