FLAC and NAS Support

Does djay2 for IPad support the playback of FLAC files and can it recognise external NAS HDD’s if on the same network? My music collection is ripped to FLAC and resides on a NAS on my network and I am looking for an ipad app that can queue songs up for playback at a party for example.

how long is the agenda?

I aggree, playing music from a NAS like e.g. DS Audio does would be a solution to go for.
also as a solution for clubs/pubs. usingan ipad in an docking station as the playback device with the benefit of djays UI but having the tracks on a NAS like synology diskstation having RAID for save storage.
I’m sure synology offers the propper interface which djay could use.

Hey there, 

thank you for your post. The support of FLAC is on our agenda. 

NAS can be supported if the server is accessible via an app on your iPad, for further information please see:

Lukas E.

exactly what i need, no progress since 3 years ?