Flac file play problem in Win 11 when track is added to playlist

Device model: MSI Modern 15 B13M
Version of operating system: Win 11 Home 23H2
Version of djay: 5.1.7887.0
Hardware/controllers used: Reloop RMX-95

Summary of the issue:
Flac file play problem. Djay Pro doesn’t recognize some of my flac files when they are added to playlist. Files are gray in playlist and can’t add to deck (could not load track) If you find the track from the folder and add it to deck, track works fine.

Picture link. Track added to deck A from playlist. On deck B same track is added straight from the folder.

Hi @qmix, I’ve been discussing this with the engineering team and they haven’t been able to reproduce this issue yet. Can you please share some of the Flac files that aren’t playable? Please upload these to your Dropbox/Google Drive, enable sharing permission, then share a link to the files here. Then the team can investigate this further. Thanks!

Hi and thanks for the answer. I just sent you a message with the links.

Excellent! Thanks for the quick response @qmix. The links work and I have forwarded them to the engineering team for analysis. I’ll report back in this thread when I have news.

Seems like update fixed this issue.

That’s great news. Thanks for confirming @qmix