Flac not working - why?

hi guys,
i have a problem with flac files i’m trying to load into the decks.
i used to digitalize most of my cds into flacs. some flacs are working - some don’t. i really don’t know what the problem is, anyone having an idea what could be the reason?
the error message tells me, when i chose the song/want to load it into the deck, that the file can’t be loaded into the deck…


Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our community.

Could you share the djay software and operating system you are using?

oh, sorry, yes!! my bad!! so i use dj pro 2 on my macbook pro /apple system. thx <3

Thank you for the reply. Are you adding your FLAC files via the My Files djay Library? Are they playing all fine in a FLAC supporting audio player?

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