Flexible beat grids

So, the landing page for the new Djay Pro release advertises a “flexible beat grids” feature for songs that don’t have exactly one constant tempo. Which is great, because that (besides general BPM handling improvements) is what I’ve been missing most with the previous version. But now I just can’t figure out how to unlock and actually use this feature. Is it not available in the demo version?

Well, I did try the “Set Grid” button but the only thing it seemed to do was shift the grid for the entire track around, always keeping it uniform. That’s why I asked the question here.

Hm, does that advertised feature exist at all, or is it maybe something that’s planned for a later release? The Help Center section of the Algoriddim web site isn’t really helpful here either as it doesn’t have a Djay Pro section at all yet.

As of now, my demo version of Djay Pro has expired. I think I’m not going to upgrade anytime soon.

The beat detection in 1.3 actually works way better than before (yeah, I did end up upgrading after all) and even gets some trickier rhythms right but it still completely messes up a lot of tracks that are too lyrical or that have sudden tempo changes (e.g. “Haunted” and “Partition” by Beyoncé).

What I find frustrating though is that 1.3 seems to discard all the beat grid data from previous versions without asking. I have quite some tracks on which I spent several minutes massaging the old beat grid engine until it finally got them right. And don’t get me started on the tempo range restriction that was introduced in this version …

I’ve seen some Tracks in my Library where the flexible Beatgrid feature works.
Sadly it seems to be not very well integrated. As an example the BPM Stays the Same during the track, but the beat grid changes…

BTW: Here is a screenshot. I hope you do understand what I mean.

I think clicking the Set Grid button allows you to deal with tracks with multiple tempos. For instance, if the first half of the track starts at 128, and then suddenly switches to 108, you’ll need to set one grid point at the beginning of the track, and one at the beginning of the new tempo section. At least, that’s how it works in Serato - haven’t had the chance to do much beatgrid editing with Djay yet. The software might also be able to do it automatically.

Yeah it doesn’t seam to work very well…

It is definitly a must, though.