fluid beatgrid enhancement

Can they enhance the fluid beatgrid to do the opposite. Presently the grid is constantly adjusting to the downbeat, which does not make the bpm constant for genres of the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s era. Is it possible to have the downbeat adjustable to a steady grid base on the bpm you enter and lock it in. This will then result with a steady bpm for genres of that era. Can you also make the grid marking more pronounced and be able to adjust the marking illumination.

Hi @cybersounds,

Thanks for sharing your feedback on Fluid Beat Grid.

We appreciate the support and have passed this over to our engineering team for further review.

Have a nice day!


That’s what it’s supposed to do. Old tracks do not have a constant BPM, and Fluid Beatgrid is designed to follow the variations.

If you want those old tracks to have a constant BPM then the solution is to warp them in Ableton Live, which will straighten out the variations. No DJ software can do that (at the present time).

One workaround in DJay Pro is to sync the track to a loop in the sampler.


Hi PKtheDJ

I appreciate you taking time to reply and recommending your suggestion.

You suggested to utilize Ableton Live but that means you must sit at another software and process one song at a time, which is time consuming. As a DJ with a busy schedule and a vast collection of genres from that era, I don’t have the time and I’m sure other DJ’s can identify with what I’m stating.

You suggested sync, I don’t utilize sync, in my opinion sync diminishes your skill level as a DJ and it gives you a false sense of skill level. If you eliminate sync, a vast number of DJ’s will not have the ability to hold two songs in sync manually.

The joy of being a DJ is when your hands and ear are in sync and you can catch a beat, hold two beats in sync manually for a period and accomplish phasing base on your developed skills, understanding the fundamentals of beats, bars, and timing. Sync eliminates that skill development.

The beatgrid constantly adjusting does not benefit me. I can see some benefits with the present fluid beatgrid if after it is process it can be locked, so when I upload a locked analyzed beatgrid it does not change so I can add my loops as a work around.

With the technology present today vast things can be accomplish. There is always room for improvement, and improvement come with new ideas. Enhancing the beatgird as I suggested will assist the DJ community tremendously, having the ability to drop a number of songs with inconsistent BPM in an enhance fluid beatgrid resulting with a steady beatgrid, be able to lock it in and be able to utilize it on other platforms will take it to a whole new level and reduce manual processing time tremendously, allowing you to utilize that time to prepare other task for your set.

My goal is to reduce the manual time it takes to process songs from that era and allow songs from that era to be added to your playlist.

I guarantee you the entire DJ community will benefit and utilize this tool once it becomes available.

If you don’t suggest you don’t get.

Thank you again for input.

Hi NathanielAlgo

Thank for responding and passing the information on.

Then why are you asking for the tracks to have a constant BPM? Surely that dimishes your skill level, because you will no longer have to manually nudge to keep things in time?

You say there’s no skill in using sync, yet you want all tracks to have a constant BPM, so no skill is required to mix them. I don’t see the logic.

I’ve often asked for real time track warping in DJ software over the years, but nobody’s ever done it (which is why some DJs use Ableton Live). Fluid Beatgrid is a great way to keep the original feel of the tracks, but still be able to mix them…using sync.

I think the main issue here is that you want all the BPMs to be constant so that you can mix easily and still proudly proclaim that you don’t use sync.


:man_facepalming: once again, the solution was staring right at me … thank you.

Of course I want a constant grid, that the reason I’m suggesting it. I am not understanding your point. even if the grid is correct, you still need the skills to manually mix the tracks, the tracks are not going to mix themselves. Sync does everything for you no skill required.

That’s my go around at this moment, but I have to locate a loop that’s constant in order to go from an inconstant grid to a constant grid.

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