Fluid Beatgrid not detecting small changes.

  • Device model: iPad 9
  • Version of operating system: Ios 17.3.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: iPad on its own & with a Prime 4

Perhaps I’m missing something here or I misunderstood exactly what the fluid beatgrid does.
I have several tracks where there is a slight skip in the beat that throws the track off grid by a second or so. When Djay analyses the track, it will grid the majority of the track perfectly from either before / after the small skip (whichever is the majority). However everything before / after the skip (the minority) will be off grid by that 1sec skip. So basically, the beatgrid ends up being off by that amount either before or after the change (skip). Now I’m wondering… does fluid beatgrid only work for big changes in tempo? or is there somewhere within the settings that I need to enable Fluid Beatgrid analysis to take care of this? Now before everyone starts telling me to manually edit the grid correctly for these tracks (which I will do if necessary), I just want to know if this is something that the fluid beatgrids should be able to take care of or not. I don’t want to sit & edit all these tracks if I don’t really have to. Any input on this, as always, will be greatly appreciated.

Details please. Artists and titles, and location of skips ideally too.

So there is absolutely nothing really specific about the tracks. They are all electronic general house tracks with a stable bpm (apart from the skip). I copied a bunch of tracks over my network from a friend who was emigrating, then when I analysed them I realized they all had a small glitch somewhere within the track. The skip shows up in Rekordbox, Serato & Engine. So it’s definately the track & not the software analysing it incorrectly. This is more a question about the ability of the fluid beatgrid feature.

Well without knowing exactly what the tracks are (and therefore if the skip is intentional), it could just be that they’re badly encoded.

I don’t quite understand what you mean here.
Do you want names of the tracks & artist & where the skip occurs even though the original is not like that?

If you are aware that the original is not like that (i.e. the skip is a glitch) then you’re better off just scrapping the tracks. No kind of gridding system is going to fix damaged tracks.

Ok, let’s say that for whatever reason, I want the tack like that, I edited the track like that. My question is… Is there any setting that turns Fluid beatgrid on/off & is it capable of detecting small changes?

Did you edit the track(s), or are the tracks glitched? No one can help you unless you give details.

Yes, I edited the tracks.

Earlier on you said you copied the tracks and you “realized” they all had a small glitch. Now you’re saying you put the glitch in every track deliberately?

I’ll leave this to someone else.

All good. I appreciate you trying to help. No offence meant here, but I am simply looking for an answer to my question. I am asking about the software & you are answering with questions about the tracks.

Hi @magrepairs,

I recommend that you read the linked FAQ article below on how the Fluid Beatgrid system works on iOS devices. I suspect this system will have a difficult time correcting your “damaged”, “glitched” or otherwise “edited” tracks perfectly. However, having said that, you should be able to use the advance beatgrid controls in djay to add additional anchor points after the glitch sections to help the Fluid Beatgrid system correct for the glitches.


I haven’t personally used the anchors. Have you tried them?

Thank you, exactly what I was looking for.

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Not yet, but I’m gonna learn now :rofl:

You’re welcome @magrepairs

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Works great. I’ve tried it once here… Be sure to check the [edit] where I explained it.

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Cool man thanks. I’ve personally never had to use anchors. I’ve needed to adjust at times and ensure on the 1, but apart from that it’s been spot on.

@magrepairs As it currently stands, the Fluid Beatgrid system generally doesn’t deal with small skips in the audio, especially if it’s towards the beginning or the end (as then all except a few beats will be correct.) As the others have suggested, if you want to use these tracks then the solution is to manually correct the grid, which should hopefully be straightforward enough if it’s just a small skip. Let us know if you face any trouble there :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for your input here. So I have manually edited the grid of this music on all the different platforms I regularly use without any issues (now including DjayPro). This thread was really about the fluid beatgrids ability to detect small variations in general and what I could expect while using it. I now have a much better understanding of what it is capable of and when I should manually edit the grid. @PKtheDJ sorry if you felt like I was lying to you, I was merely trying to focus on the software aspect of it by pushing my hypothetical edit. I do appreciate your input though.