Flx 10 with djay?

Hello all with the latest release of 5.2 , I am thinking of buying a FLX10, as the Mixon 8 Just ain’t cutting it.

Do you already have it? Have you tried it with the latest update? I would like to know your thoughts thanks.

I have it. I have not used it with djay yet. I like it because the layout provides a sense of continuity with AlphaTheta’s club/festival gear.

One thing I know I will miss through the djay integration is the lack of jog wheel display support. I do often use them for identifying cues, metadata and beatmatching so that’s a bit of a bummer personally.

EDIT: To clarify now that I’ve played around with it a bit: the jog wheel displays work but not to their full capabilities. You get things like BPM, active deck and timecode but you don’t get waveforms and cues which for me was a bit jarring as I expected.