FLX4 Builtin map - Headphone Vol, CueMix & MasterVol

The built in mapping for the Pioneer FLX4 does not control

  • Headphone Vol
  • Cue Mix
  • Master output

In the mapping editor turning those controls elicits no response. They cant be mapped.

I tried duplicating and editing the built in map and still I couldnt map those knobs.

Yet, if I create a new mapping they are freely editable.

Why are they not mapped (mappable) in the official built in map?

@rishi this is pretty common and totally normal. It’s typically done this way to directly control the hardware outside of the software. It’s a bit like External Mixer Mode. The idea being that hardware volumes can be controlled independent of the software or laptop/tablet setting.

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OK thanks for the explanation @Slak_Jaw
Much appreciated.

No problem. You’re welcome!

It just seemeed odd to me because in the unofficial mapping it is editable / mappable.