FLX4 Headphone PreCue issue

Hello members and thanks for having a look at my topic. I am a beginner DJ trying to get my first set up running. My set up so far is:

iPhone 14 on iOS 17.4.1.
I’m using djay 5.1.6 with Pro Subscription.
My controller is a Pioneer FLX4 which is brand new out the box and up to date & my headphones are Pioneer HDJ-CUE1, these are also brand new fresh out the box.
The speakers are generic Active speakers.

My iPhone is connected to my controller VIA Bluetooth on the djay app, my headphones & speakers are connected to my iPhone via Traktor DJ Cable. The issue I am having is no matter what I do I cannot get any tracks to precue through my headphones. I have the controller set to MONO. I cannot get any sound through the headphones. I have tried separate headphones to make sure it’s not an issue with my CUE1’s. I’ve tried to change the cue settings in the app and adjust the cue settings on the controller and still nothing.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks all!

Hi @Liamxmc, thanks for the detailed information. Please start with the following,

  1. Ditch the Traktor headphone splitter. You don’t need this if you are using a DJ controller.
  2. Connect your speakers directly to the Red and White RCA sockets on the back of the FLX4.
  3. Connect your headphones to the 3.5mm headphone socket on the front of the FLX4.
  4. Connect your iPhone to the back of the FLX4 via your official Apple Lightning to USB-C cable.
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Also make sure the other USB-C socket on the back of the FLX is connected to power.

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Hello and thanks for the speedy reply, problem solved! Thank you!

You’re welcome @Liamxmc. Happy to help!

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