FLX6 - how do I jump to start of Loop?


I have programmed loops within DJayPro and I can activate them pressing the cycle-loop via mouse and click on the play-button next to it to jump there.

  1. how can I do this on a FLX6 or similar controller?
  2. Beat Jump 8bars is in the MIDI-Setuplist in DjayPro, but only available on Deck 2. On Deck 1 I can’t find these in the menu list. Why? What I am doing wrong?
  3. Can I assign a button to change the view in the software between Cue-Points (all 8 slots) and Cycle-Loops (all 8 slots). I could trigger them via the Pads of the FLX6, but I want to see all Loops visually first. Because only the first 2 are shown in the software if I am on the Cue-Points-View.
  4. So I am playing a loop already, but how can I jump at any time to the begin of the Loop?

Hope I could be specific enough :slight_smile:


  1. You can edit the default MIDI Mapping for the FLX6 using this guide: https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014911871-How-do-I-MIDI-map-a-controller-on-djay-Pro-AI-for-Mac-
    a. I recommend you remap one of the Performance Pad Modes to Saved Loop Reloop 1-8
  2. Can you please share a screen shot of the missing MIDI Command for Deck 1?
  3. There are no MIDI Mappable commands to change these views.
  4. See #1 above. The command is Saved Loop Reloop or Reloop

Point #2: missing MIDI Command:

@SirHannes thanks for the screen shots. According to your first image Skip 8 Beats Backward is available for Deck 1. Are you saying when you change the assignment to Deck 2, Skip 8 Beats Backward is not available?

Hi @SirHannes,

  1. I checked with the engineering team, and Skip 8 Beats is only available with the built-in MIDI Mappings and not user edits.
  2. So, you can either revert to the built-in MIDI Mapping or do something like the following.
  3. You can MIDI Map 2 Buttons or an Encoder for the Skip Duration - and Skip Duration +.
  4. Then instead of Mapping your beat jump to Skip 8 Beats you can map it to Skip Backward and Skip Forward.
  5. This is what I personally use with all of my custom MIDI Mappings as it gives me control over the Beat Jump size.

Hi @Slak_Jaw
thanks for answering me.

  1. How can I revert to the built-in MIDI Mapping but without overwriting all my individual set-up midi-controls? Just to get that one 8bars mapping back to make it complete again?

Will try skip duration -/+ too.

Hi @SirHannes, you’re welcome. You cannot revert to the built-in mapping while retaining your custom edits. It’s an either or scenario. However, you could make a new custom edit of the built-in mapping and this time do not adjust the Beat Jump settings, but only make the other edits you want.

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