Flx6 merge fx with djay pro ai

Can’t seem to get the merge fx tool on the ddj-flx6 to work using djay Pro ai on ipad. Anybody able to help? Do I need to adjust settings?

I too have the flx6 and looking for info on the ipad implementation what works what doesn’t. Can’t find much info to help understand how to use. Sorry don’t know about the merge effects. Hoping someone does.

Hey guys,

Please note that on any MIDI controller, you’re constrained to features included in djay. The FX Merge function is not available on djay and therefore can’t be used. This also occurs on other controllers, e.g. the FX section on the RANE ONE.

If your controller has functions (like the FX Merge on DDJ-FLX6) that do not exist on djay for iOS, these functions will not work.

We apologize for the inconveniences this might cause you.

Cheers, G

Thanks for that G. What if I use DJAY on a windows laptop. Would the merge fx function be available then?

@Pjc847, please note this controller is not yet supported on djay PRO for Windows. This is the thread for that request: