FLX6 Merge knob too sensitive

Hey there, so between these last few updates the merge knob became way to sensitive making it useless essentially. I use it mostly for gate fx and the slightest turn jumps multiple beats. I noticed now it shows the beat value in the slider whereas before it did not and was just a slider. Is there anyway to change the sensitivity or revert to how it used to be? Thanks in advance

Yeah, it’s terrible to have a sensitive knob!

Just a little update. The new djay update is a nice improvement for the FLX6. The ability to adjust sensitivity for the merge knob is very useful! Also love that we can see the beat quantization for the fx on the controller now very useful! One thing I’m noticing, seeing how merge fx now uses fx 2 and 3 respectively, when pressing the knob the second time to trigger fx 3, the beat quantization for that effect always resets to 1/4 beat. Not sure if that’s meant intentionally but would be nice if we could set it to different ones.

Also, a few updates ago the merge fx knob would just control fx1, is there anyway to set it to that instead of using the actual merge effect?

Just wanted to say great job on this last update, nice to see continued support for this controller!

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