FLX6 - Neural Mix Controls?

  1. Does the DDJ-FLX6 have Neural Mix controls as part of the default control schema? I reviewed the midi mapping but couldn’t find any reference to them.

  2. If not, is there any way I can map the Merge FX knob or equalizer knobs to control the faders for each neural mix channel (3ch or 4ch)? I know I can repurpose a set of pads to toggle (mute/solo) the NM channels on and off, but would love the ability to fade the channels individually.


Although I don’t have a FLX6, I have mapped my Rane One to Mute the Vocals, Harmonies and Drums via 3 separate pads and Fade the same using Shift and the Eq Hi, Mid and Lows…

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Thanks for the suggestion @maurizio_T. I went ahead and mapped the NM channels to a set of pads.

However, it doesn’t look like I can use Shift + EQ knobs to control the NM faders, i.e. the midi mapping for the EQ knobs is the same whether or not I press the Shift button.

Are you sure it can’t be Midi mapped to use the Eq knobs?
I just tried mapping it to my Reloop Buddy and If I select Shift in Midi Map mode, The Target is “General” and the Action is “Not Set”, but if I select the Action to “Controller Shift Key’, it allows me to change the Action and Target… I just Changed the Action to Deck 1 and then while still holding down the Shift button, I moved the High Eq knob and selected the Target to “Neural Mix Eq 3Ch Vocals…

I did the same for the Low to Neural Mix Eq 3 Ch Harmonic and the Filter Knob to Neural Mix Eq 3 Ch Drums.
Press Save and it’s mapped to work in Shift mode…

That’s how I initially did it on the Rane One as well.

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@futursoup Check out this FAQ: https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014513500-How-do-I-MIDI-map-djay-Pro-AI-s-Neural-Mix-controls-

Please note that depending on the controller the Shift button may behave differently.

Cheers, G

@maurizio_T - Thanks for the feedback! I double checked and followed your instruction, but to no avail. Neither the ‘Shift’ button nor ‘Shift’ + EQ knob gives me the option to map it.

That being said…I realized during my tinkering that I don’t really need both a standard EQ and the Neural Mix EQ in my usual workflow. Aside from adjusting the ‘Low’ EQ knob, I rarely/never touched the ‘Hi’ and ‘Mid’ knobs.

Therefore, I configured my knobs to use the 4 channel Neural Mix EQ in lieu of the conventional EQ:

  • HI - Vocals
  • MID - Harmonic
  • Low - Bass

(I use a pad to isolate/mute the drums)

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Thanks, Guillermo!

I determined that the FLX6 does not support an alternative mapping for the EQ knobs (e.g. shift + Hi EQ knob). The guide you referenced did help me to map the EQ knobs.


Good to hear you had a solution of sorts,When I first set it up, I used the Eq + shift to control the Neural Mix function, Then I worked out that I could map the Pads for muting the Vocal’s, Hamonics and Drums and now I use the pads 95% of the time when I want to use that function…


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