for the scratch pros

hi there can u please add a transform button (kill switch button) to each table.
there is a little latency on my ipad mini.
im a scratch dj & i feel this latency when scratching without fader and 2 hands on 1 record
u know im sayin.
best regards from germany

Hi Bora,

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll look into this.

hi again, right now i use the Baby Decks from async.
this is a perfekt app for scratching no latency at all even without fader with 2 hands on 1 record or what ever and transform buttons (kill switches) again this is fantastic
for scratching but there are no effects and cue buttons and so on.
i ve try the djay app and it has everything that the baby decks has not.
so i want to use the djay but it is not as good as the Baby Decks for scratching.
Can u please fix that.
This would be the best dj app on the planet really.

Thank u 4 answer Warren.
I m a new user and im testet it a while now
Everything is fine also scratching
But really a button 4 each turntable to kill the sound by first click not like the crossfader would be very helpfull.
The 2 finger trick is good.
Please add a button also.
Thank u
Regards from a new user