Format Bar Markers at Phrases

It would be great to add a preference that would make the bar marker at phrases stand out from the rest. For instance, we have bar markers at every bar but make the 17, 33, 49, … be a brighter and thicker white line. Maybe even give people the option to choose the count in which the highlighted marker would appear in case someone wants them every 4, 8, or any other repeating series.

Thanks for the suggestion @jimyson. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration.

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This pic is lifted right off of someone’s Reddit post, and it shows Rekordbox’s phrase markers. Similar functionality would be amazing, the waveform overviews can be too small for to see at times, this would be game changing.

Also, maybe the option to choose what Djay analyzes? Maybe we could analyze for key in MIK and not have the key overwritten by Djay when we bring the track in?

Thanks for the suggestion @The_seanwolf. I’ve merged it with an existing topic that’s closely related, and have passed this onto the dev team for consideration.