Forum Improvements

Is there a way to sort the user forums by category, hardware or at the very least platform/software?

I will start off by saying I use pretty much all software (Djay Pro, VDJ, Mixvibes Cross, Flow, etc) but I use Serato DJ, Rekordbox & Traktor Pro the most. I have been using Djay Pro more and more with each new release. It is becoming a real contender for some playtime by actual professional DJ’s. I understand the vast majority here are doing this for fun or at most a bedroom DJ and I can appreciate that. The features being added to Djay though are bringing the software to a new level which is a great thing. My suggestion here would be to have a way to back these improvements up with a community forum worthy of a professional software as well.

To get things straight whenever I come on these forums or even consider Djay in ANY way it is Djay Pro. I have Djay 2 for my iPhones and iPad but TBH I could care less if it never worked again. My life will not be impacted either way as obviously that is not a professional solution thus I would never even think about using it at an actual paying gig. There will be many individuals who feel the direct opposite as I which is what diversity is all about THIS IS A GOOD THING. This directly brings me to the actual point of this post.

We NEED a way to post and view on these forums in a way that makes sense right away and gets you to the proper channels and/or audience. I can guarantee the vast majority of features or topics I post on other forums would go right over the heads of most here. Not attempting to brag but am pointing out that any average user reading my posts could not possibly benefit in any way.

Not to be blunt but I frequent the Serato forums for this very reason. As a matter of fact even if I want to share or know something about Traktor or Rekordbox I still tend to do it at the Serato forums. To be blunt again the saying “birds of a feather stick together” applies here. With the order and moderating of the Serato forums it attracts DJ’s looking for the same things.

Hope this makes sense and hopefully there can be a way to sort things here. I started noticing this a few months ago while attempting to just browse and quite a few times I noticed how confusing things got. To point this out just yesterday I was reading a thread on the fact there was no dedicated filter knob to map to. I was like “HELL YEAH” there is but luckily after a minute or two of reading I realized this was a post on Djay 2 (or 1 who knows) and not Djay Pro… time wasted.

I like the forums just the way they are.