Forwards/ Backwards resetting playback position?!

Love video samplers (with audio) Want to play back forward, hit the reverse, play back same speed, then release and play forward from where the reverse left off (smooth a/v ping pong) vjay iPad does this ‘sometimes’ but usually jumps forward when it resumes forward playback- what’s goin on here- is there a way to do what I want to do here- otherwise can you get that to work? Need smooth instantaneous forward backward a/v at constant speed- possible?
Thanks for the answer!
TV Sheriff

vjay should jump back to the original position of track, once you stop pushing forward/reverse. Isn’t that happening?

Well, sometimes when I engage the backwards button, upon release it continues to play forward from where the reverse left off (what I prefer) and other times (intermittent) when I release the backward it jumps forward in the track, as if it never stopped playing forward when the reverse is engaged and jumps to where it would have left off if the reverse was not engaged. it seems like this second style occurs more prevalent (jumping forward as if reverse was never engaged upon disengaging reverse) I could see this possibly could be what some would want, so if there’s a beat it remains in sync- but I would like to use the backwards button like forwards/backwards on the DVJ deck, releasing backwards always plays forward from where the backwards left off, allowing you to a/v ping pong forward/backwards moments. Could we maybe have a choice of how reverse works. On a separate note- I haven’t hooked this on a controller yet- is reverse accessible by controller (such as wego)?
Thanks for the response
TV Sherif