Four decks: switch positions

Using a four-decks external mixer and a four-decks vertical layout in djay pro, I’d like to match the physical and virtual mixers by switching the decks so I can see them as
1 2 3 4
instead of
3 1 2 4
Thanks in advance!

Same here, except for controllers!

Wow, you asked this 5 months ago and no one has said a damn thing.

I have the same question. This is stupid, why would you put the decks in the 3,1,2,4 position, makes no sense.

I would also like to have them in 1,2,3,4


Thank you for your feedback.
I forwarded your suggestion internally.

Lukas E.

Shame this option isn’t in Dejay Pro 2.
It looks like a relatively simple thing to implement and will give a great amount of personalisation.
Hopefully this option will get implemented soon.