Four features that would make the app perfect

This app has saved many party’s in the last few years… but it would be perfect if it had…
* Jog/vinyl mode (cdj alike)
* Pre-analysis library for bpm and key (aka rekordbox)
* Split output audio Bluetooth and audiojack?
* Pre-cued loops (like the cue’s)

I’ll have my four wishes too:

A MIDI clock out feature.
Being able to send 2 stereo channels from djay into a DAW.
The possibility to organize playlists and edit tags *inside* djay without iTunes.
A slicer (like the one on the Twitch / Itch but probably even smarter.

Loving the idea of using the Bluetooth head phones and the audio out at the same time any chance of looking into this.

Audiobus + midi clock = awesome!