Frequent crashes with Reloop Mixtour & DJAY 2 Android

How to avoid frequent crashes/ freezing using Reloop Mixtour & DJAY2 Android on Samsung GalaxyTab A6 ? First LEDs on my Mixtour freeze, approx. 5 min later the App crashes. Crashes always occur during intensive controller usage (Loops, Song selection,FX …). What is wrong ??? How to get rid of it ?

Hey there,

we are very sorry to hear about your issue. 
Can you give us more informations about how often this issue is occurring via

Lukas E.

Addition - some tech. specs:

  • Reloop Mixtour with FW 1.08
  • DJAY2 Android V2.2.5
  • Android 6.0.1 running on Samsung GalaxyTab A (2016)

hope this helps…
Thank you very much in advance.