I used djay on my old iPad 3 for years.
I own djay2 for iPad , djay for Android, djay pro for windows.
I strong need MASTER KEY TEMPO and the unique certain way to get it has been to get a new iPad.
I also notice that:
Djay Pro for windows crashes scanning a quite small library 5500 songs,
Djay for Android doesn’t have the master key tempo (only some old devices support it) and the technical support doesn’t have the list of certified product (weird).
Ending: I bought a €1000+ iPad Pro and my djay2 last night crashed closing the app without telling anything.
Guess what? I just discovered the new djay pro for iPad is sold under SUBSCRIPTION and master key tempo is a ************ premium feature. Are u really crazy? I am totally disappointed about that. The freaking reason I stick to djay is only for the Spotify integration. I bought all my dj set FOR djay pro. I am totally frustrated about that

Luca, I’m really sorry to hear about the frustration. We’ll do our best to get to the bottom of the issues you describe. Could you please send us an email to support directly and I’ll help sort this out directly:

Please note that master key tempo does not require a subscription and is part of the free version on iOS. It’s the note icon next to the tempo slider. In view configurations where the tempo slider is not visible (e.g. if waveforms or mixer are open in Classic Mode) you can access master key tempo by clicking on the BPM % label which brings up a popup.

Hope this helps and please contact us via email regarding the other issues.

Dear David, i DO really am an enthusiast (always have been) of djay since the BEGINNING.
I spent a lot of time in email with Guillermo pointing a LOT if ussues and doubts.
I am a DEVELOPER and i use djay since YEARS .
I need djay FOR WORK. It is a DAILY friend of work.
I can’t use it with POP-ups, ads, and some sort of things.
i NEED (for work) just a software BULLET-PROOF.
I am available to collaborate with further infos, debug, and tests.
Djay pro windows CRASHES while scanning my collection on a CRAZY new Super fast i7 with 16gb ram SSD notebook,
djay 2 is crashing on my CRAZY NEW ipad pro…
on android i can’t use MASTER TEMPO.
Please contact me when you want.
Best Regards.

[EDIT] I apologize but the missing feature (premium) is PRECUE. Sorry.