FULL integration with Denon SC6000M+X1850 mixer

Back in Nov 2022 this was raised……
The combination of Denon SC6000M + X1850 and Virtual DJ is excellent.
As if It is like a dedicated device for Virtual DJ.

I especially liked the ability to control EQ and Real-Time Stems separately with the EQ knobs on X1850 without set to MIDI mapping.
The waveform of the SC6000M has changed accordingly, making it easier to understand visually.
I like djay pro ai because it is easy to use.
So I would like djay pro ai to see full support for Denon SC6000M and X1850 like Virtual DJ.
So what are the plans to deliver this to the DJAYPRO community??? Or do we have to switch to Virtual DJ to make use of our $7K investments?

Hi @Extravert01,

Thanks so much for sharing this feedback with us regarding the SC6000M and the X1850 in conjunction with djay.

This makes a lot of sense, and I know that our engineering team would be happy to review this for further consideration.

Please note that the X1850 is already natively supported on both Mac and iOS. However, we will push this internally regardless.

Additionally, I will be moving your topic from the Questions category to the Hardware category of our Community page for better tracking.


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I also have the X 1850 and sc6000’s If the screens on the 6000s could be fully used with DJ Pro, that would be amazing

@NathanielAlgo Has there been any update on this?

@Nubium - have you read/heard anything you can share?

I have not heard anything