Full sync between iOS devices


i understand it’s difficult to bring full synchronization of djay library between iOS and Mac devices. but could you just add full synchronization between iOS devices ? that would enable to work with the iPad and be able to prepare on the iPhone. we need at least full synchronization of playlists as cue points are already synched.
do you think this first step would be possible ?


Yes please. I would like to see full sync of iOS My Playlists added to the iCloud Sync.

There actually is a way to manually sync the playlists between iPhone and iPad by copying the User Data folder from one to the other. You can find this using the Files App and navigating to the djay folder. I have noticed some small issues with this method, but it seems to work for the most part.


The manual sync fix might be useful - thank you.

But would still happily vote for proper iCloud sync!!


Slack_Jaw, would you be able to share your experience with the issues you’ve encountered using the manual method? Like many I am sure here, I would like to be able to create playlists on mac at home and be able to sync on my ipad which I use for gigs. Thanks hermano!

I haven’t really had any major issues with the manual sync process. This has been working fine for me, but it would be nice if this was part of the automatic iCloud metadata sync that is already happening. I would always recommend making a backup of the folder/library file before replacing it with one from the other device.

Hey JiPenade,
Syncing iOS to a Mac via iTunes is in fact easy.
So easy, it’s way faster than years ago.
Also, extremely fast for those who have USBC on their Mac.
Seconds in some cases.
It will sync fast using Wi-Fi (no cords).
I may be the only one using this method, and am always pushing iTunes, But know this.
It will sync All Data throughout all iOS & Mac OS, in realtime in fact (Less Beat Grids, Djay doesn’t Cloud Beat Grids🤨).

we definitely need FULL sync, including beatgrids, half/double, playlists and so on
it’s definitely too much time consuming having to redo everything over and over


I Agree100%, not sure why?

Thanks for replying Slak_Jaw! I’ll give that a try. But yes, a major differentiator for DJay (for casual DJs like myself that is not the pros) is its ability to sync across multiple devices. A full-feature sync would make so much sense. I am sure there are technical considerations at play for Algoriddim not releasing it yet, although your method proves it’s clearly possible. :pray:

iTunes sync works, however for me it’s not an option. Doing a sync means itunes will wipe all my content from the iPad before sync is enabled. I can’t afford that right now. So I’m using iMazing to manually create/edit/update playlists on my iPad. I can drop tracks into them with ease.

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Hi @JiPenade,

Thanks for the feature request as we know many users would benefit from the ability to have full synchronization across their devices.

I will most definitely pass this along to our dev team for further review as I’m sure they’d be interested in seeing how many users would appreciate this feature being implemented.

Thank you so much again!


Hey guys,
I agree, please include beat grids.
Thank you

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