Fullscreen library?

Ok, here I go: I initially wanted to know about using an external HD for music videos to use in Vjay for Ipad. After converting my videos from .mpg to .mp4 their size has decreased enough where this isn’t a concern. However…

  • I need the library to show a lot more of the file name. I have read this from other people and hope it’ll be resolved soon without me having to rename 2000+ videos just so I can get that much more idea of what I can play. I did read (I think?) that there’s a fullscreen capability when viewing your library. Since there isn’t anything resembling a manual for vjay and since I see nothing in the forums on HOW to do it, could you let me know how to do this plz? I don’t see it in Vjay either.


Hi Dallas,

vjay itself has a full-screen mode but not for the library. Only the pop-over library is available at the moment.

By the way, vjay’s contains an in-app tutorial. Tap the gear icon and go to “Help” -> “Tips and Tricks”. If you have any specific questions, please also feel free to email me (support@algoriddim.com).