Fusion Effects Glitch

Macbook Pro
16gb Memory
Sonoma 14.4.1
DJ Pro 5.1.5
Rane 1
Rev 1

When activating the fusion effects there is often an audible pop sound for a fraction of a second when the crossfader is first moved. This happens when crossfader fx and tempo blend is active. This is not always noticible amd seems to be random. I believe it happens more often when using Tidal streaming service however that may not be the case.

Keep up the great work I love the app and use it for gigs everu week. :smile:

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Hi @SamJam,

  1. Can you please provide more details about your MacBook Pro (year, model, chipset, etc.)?
  2. Navigate to djay Settings>Advanced>NEURAL MIX and please take a screenshot of the quality settings.
  3. Please also try to capture a video of this issue, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, and share a link to the video here.


Sorry its M1 Macbook Pro 2021 i believe. I will try and capure the issue and screen shots when I get back home. The software performed perfectly this weekend again as usual at my gigs. This was without using the fusion effects. I generally only use this feature when presenting my radio shows, it is fantastic for this purpose.

This issue seems to be fixed. Thankyou for your reply @Slak_Jaw

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That’s great news @SamJam. Thanks for letting me know.

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