FX algorithm should match a songs BPM's

I enjoy the use of the Strobe A/V function while playing via three video walls at Hard Rock. However, it appears to not follow the beat structure regardless of when you make it active. If an artist has a similar sound of “clapping” it doesnt pick up on that nearly identical sound and match it.


Hi @DJDust,

Thanks for reaching out about this. So that I can be sure I’m fully understanding the problem you’ve described when using the Strobe A/V effect in djay, could you please provide an example song (or two) that you find the effect clearly not following the beat structure?

If you provide the name and artist, I can find the tracks on one of our supported streaming services, or if you’d prefer to share a couple of song files, please drop them here. Just let me know when you’ve done so, and then I can further troubleshoot this.

Thanks in advance!

Theres probably a slight delay between the audio in the booth and visuals on your screen. This is not unusual.