FX bought on iPad transfer to iPhone. How?

So I have read that restore won’t work on the iPhone version I have but that there is a way to access the complete FX pack I bought on my iPad through iCloud sync, but both my devices are synced up. I am able to give cues and have them show up on the other device, but I am still not seeing FX on my iPhone It keeps showing preview and telling me to buy them again. How do I get the FX complete pack that I bought on iPad to also show up on my iPhone. I am missing a step.

I have followed the iCloud sync article from your page, so what am I missing?

Wondering if there is any update to the issue. Still haven’t been able to do it :frowning:


Thanks a lot for your post!

We had several customers having the same issue. We are already investigating…
Hope you can be patient in the meantime!