FX bug on iOS 16 - DJay pro AI

There seems to be a bug when using an effect eg: echo out which renders the outgoing track completely silent after the effect is applied and the incoming is active.
Going back to the out doing track- there is no sound and the track need to be re loaded from Tidal.

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From your description this sounds like normal behavior for the Echo Out FX. The way this FX works is to Echo the signal and then slowly fade out the audio signal until it’s completely silent. Hence the Echo Out name instead of just Echo.

If you want the audio to come through again on the playing track, you need to turn the Echo Out FX OFF. I recommend you try using a different Echo FX if you want the audio signal to continue playing though while it’s enabled. Try a regular Echo, Dub Echo, Ping-Pong Delay, Polyrhythmic Delay or Tape Echo instead.


Ah. That makes sense!

Hi @SimonJ,

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Was @Slak_Jaw’s rundown of how djay’s Echo Out feature behaves informative enough for you or would you like me to shed light on any additional questions you might have regarding this FX?

Big thanks to @Slak_Jaw as well.

Have a nice day, everyone!

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You beat me to it buddy :grin:

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Yes i have the same bug with the " echo fx out 3/4" : it cut the voices instead of doing the echo effect . when i first touch the pad. I have to touch it a second time to have it works properly. I have this trouble since ios 16

@stef971 again this sounds like a misunderstanding of how the Echo Out FX work. From your description, it sounds like the Vocal Echo Out 3/4 is working properly in your case. If you listen closely, you will hear the Echo being applied to the vocal briefly and then the vocal cutting Out. This is exactly how it is supposed to work. The vocal will remain cut until you press the pad button again and turn the FX off.

If instead you want to have an Echo applied to the Vocal without it cutting Out you need to use a different method. Since there is no Vocal Echo FX for the Instant FX performance pads, you need to use the Manual FX section instead of the Instant FX. From here, select the regular Echo then scroll down and apply the FX to the Vocals instead of to the Deck (see below).

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Thx for your answer. Look at this video to understand what i mean,

when i first touch the pad for the fx, i have the voice cut without echo, and on the second touch it give me the echo fx how it used to before this bug appears.

Sometimes it works well on the first touch, sometimes i have to double touch it to be sure to have it works well

Before my last update on ios , i have never had this trouble…
Ipad pro m1

That does appear to be a bug. I would send a support request to Algoriddim from within the app and share that video with them.

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