FX default settings

When I select an effect such as “Echo”, “1 Beat” is always selected after restarting the software. But in fact I want “1/2 Beat” to be used as default there automatically. It is similar with “Gate”. There I usually use “1/4 Beat”, but also there the setting is back to “1 Beat” after every restart.
Is there an option that the last selected setting is automatically activated after restarting DJay Pro AI?

Hey @Chris_R ,

Thanks for posting this useful feedback here in the Community!

As I’m looking into whether there currently is such an option with the help of our Testing Team, could you please confirm the following:

  1. The iOS device(s) you are using.
  2. The iOS version running on the device(s).
  3. The version of djay.


I would like to answer the questions:

  1. Usually with the iPad, sometimes with the iPhone.
  2. in each case iOS 16.3.1
  3. Djay 4.1.5
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Thank you @Chris_R ,

I will be getting back to you as soon as I have our Dev Team’s feedback on this.


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Hey @Chris_R ,

Hope all is good!

Apologies for replying only now, but I’m happy to share we have opened an internal request for the option to retain FX Setting across launches on djay Pro AI.

I’ll post again here with any updates. Cheers :slight_smile: