FX "full screen mode" that shows all eq, fx and loop buttons.

I have my playlist sorted, now I want to create cool transition between tracks, changing the EQ and having an effect at the same time. Wouldn’t be great if there was a full screen mode for that showed all three tabs for both decks in one, so I could control all of these at the same time - Particularly on the iPad version…

A separate iphone app that could act an effects pad for the iPad or desktop version would be kind of cool as well.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, guys!

Faster access to fx and loop would also help a lot. I have to push three buttons to start a loop. In waveform view there would be enough space for extra buttons. The settings for fx and loop could stay where they are. But starting and stopping a loop or effect (like on/off in manual mode) with just one push of a button would be great.

The idea with the seperate iPhone app as effects pad sounds also very interesting. Just like the audiobus remote app.