FX issues with buttons too close

  1. The FX selection arrows are too close to the D/W and ON knobs and constantly hitting the arrows by mistake.
  2. Is it possible to have the FX on and D/W to dry by default?
    Or eliminate the ON and have the D/W turn on the FX when adjusting to WET?

Very much agreed, hope this will be improved in the future. Right now, the best option is to skip the UI and use these features with a controller only (or do the hand-wavey AI thingy)


Or, simply remove the left and right arrows altogether and just use the drop down list instead.


+1 remove the left/right arrows.

but keep the on/off button. I very often need to “immideately” turn an effect of before a break.

So turning on the WET and turn ON the FX at the same time👍

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