FX packs for djay Pro 2.0 on Mac licensing

I had purchased FX packs for the previous 1.4 release of djay Pro for Mac. I am familiar with the restore purchase option. However, now that I have upgraded to djay Pro 2.0 when I select this option it is asking me for a license key.

I do not recall getting a license key in v1.x Do I have to repurchase these packs again for 2.0?

I can see maybe having an upcharge for new features/functionality in a new release but I assume the FX packs are the same as they are for 1.4?

This does bring over cue points but fails to bring over purchased FX packs. I also have no idea how t get purchased fx packs and cues from MAC to iPad

DJay Pro 2 wants a license key.

The saga continues. I opened up DJay Pro (1). In hopes I could get the license key by going into restore purchases. The end result of this is now it hangs DJay Pro 1

I did it twice. Both times after import it picked up DJay Pro 1 cues but not FX packs.
BTW I haven’t a clue how to do either cue or FX xfer on Djay Pro for iPad.

I went back to iTunes and redownloaded DJay Pro (1). I was hoping this would do something to make the FX license work in DJay Pro 2. The good news is that seemed to work. and I now have FX and cues on DJay Pro 2.

The bad news is now DJay Pro (1) no longer has any cues. (but is still fx licensed) Not sure if that was cause by the redownload or not. Went into Time machine and restored the DJay Pro dir under music and it made no difference. I suppose as long as I don’t look back and stay on DJay Pro 2 I will be fine. But I will for sure not be deleting the DJay Pro 2 dir anymore because I do not want to loose Cues.

The FX pack is definitely transferable to Djay Pro 2.

“delete the “djay Pro” folder inside your “Music” folder to enable re-importing data from djay Pro 1. This folder contains data from djay Pro 2 only, so deleting this folder will have no effect on your djay Pro 1 data.*”

then import data from Djay 1.

Did you try what I suggested previously? If I am not mistaken this should have been fixed though.

If you purchased Djay Pro for iPad and Djay Pro for Mac via itunes app store all will be done automatically for you.

I don’t have a solution to restore the FX packs, however when buying it strongly suggests that you can use it for all DJay licenses you own: