FX Wet D/W Resets when loading new track

I’ve noticed that the FX D/W knobs reset every time that I load a new track regardless of the position on my midi controller. Can you please change this behaviour so that the D/W maintains its setting when loading new tracks. I have FX settings that I like to maintain from song to song. Thanks.
Using iOS 14.2, DJay 3.5.12 and Vestax VCI-400.


Voted this one up as it’s quite annoying at times. The D/W knob in the GUI resets down but I’ve still got it up on the controller.

As soon as I try to turn the controller knob down to match the GUI the first thing it does is put the effect back on ‘full pelt’ and it then sounds awful whilst you here the effect being tweaked again.

So, yes please, count me in on the stop resetting the FX D/W knob on new track load.

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