Gain knob Doesn't go all the way down.

I’m a professional DJ for about 20 years,
I noticed DJay is getting more and more cool features so I checked it out, I felt comfortable with it at home and even went to DJ a paid gig (took me a while to feel it’s stable enough) and it was great.
but there is one thing that prevents me from ever going with Djay again, the gain knobs.
sounds a bit weird but here is my problem: when I take the gain knobs all the way down, I don’t want to hear anything, this is how it is in DJ mixers big 32 ch mixers, and basically in anything that has “gain” knob on it. but here in DJay when I turn the knob all the way down the meter goes almost to the orange area, that’s very high for an “all the way down”.
the problem is that all the way down volume is half way and around 12-2 o’clock the song is distorted internally (within the software) so it means I got a very limited working area.
if you can feel comfortable working with it, good for you, I can’t, it’s all too loud and distorted.
Anyway, I think it’s a very important feature that every other software and hardware has
Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 8.28.00 PM


I have been asking for this feature as well as Key lock default on for years now…
I also asked for full Eq Kill a while back and they fixed that issue.

It’s one of my biggest gripes with the software…

I too come from over 36 years of Djaying both professionally in clubs and hobby Djaying mostly these days and all of my analog mixers had this feature…
For the life of me I can’t understand why it doesn’t.


Hi @Fridmanator,

Thanks so much for your suggestion. We really appreciate your thoroughness too!

I will make sure to put this feature request in our dev teams field of view for further consideration and update this thread accordingly!

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Nathaniel, Please, Please, Please push this ahead…
This feature is something I have been waiting for a while now,
This and Key Lock default on…


I’ve noticed that the gain knob also doesn’t go all the way up. Maybe it’s only with the SZ2 but it should be able to virtually go full max with the physical knob. Not sure why it’s not like that.


The gain knob goes completely up and down on the Rane One, but doesn’t kill the channel when completely down…
At first I thought it was a Hardware issue but then checked the app and it doesn’t kill the gain as well…

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While it is weird it doesn’t go all the way up with the SZ2, it’s not a terrible issue that will prevent you from using DJay pro,right?

Also gain all the way up, may be different on different types of tracks, but gain all the way down should kill every track.

Btw, the auto-gain is pretty good, when I use auto mix it feels pretty natural between old songs and new songs.

You’re totally right, it’s not much of an issue. There are other bugs that need fixing and other suggestions more important but for some of the TIDAL tracks with very low quality, I must boost the instrumentals and vocals all the way as well as the gain to match normal volume.

Oh wow, never happened to me.
I also use Tidal, it’s so much fun to play weird requests from people.

I like my gains low, maybe your general gain average high?
Try working with low gains and master higher to avoid any clipping and than when you need the boost you’ll have more room.

Or, you can try and midi map your gain knob on the controller to the gain in the software and it might give you all the way up.

this is an issue in the code incorrectly identifying the physical gain knob encoder data.
File a bug report! (does algoriddim offer bug bounty?)

see my reply to DJ_Norm - same issue
if it’s 12-bit encoding, zero gain should be ~30db headroom to the mix bus
which would (probably-maybe) make full CCW a kill
it’s simple maths…somebody just needs to do them for each controller’s profile

however - AutoLimiting may interfere <ahem, override> with max on the track gain knobs…??

we’re getting into audioengine stuff here…and that’s wikked kool afaic.
getting calibrations for controllers right, seeing how software is coded…all such goodness to me

if this starts a discussion of Loudness Units monitoring on channels/master, I may literally melt as we get into audio standards…

Initially I thought it was a hardware/controller problem but the issue is that the software itself doesn’t allow for the Gain to go to full kill,
I’m assuming that if the software was able to do this, the controllers would read what the software does…

Nobody gonna talk about loudness units, since it have nothing to do with it.
I just want it to imitate real mixer gains.

My apologies for changing the topic regarding the gain.

Did you?
I thought you were very much on point.

Haha, Actually you’re right, it was in reference to
DJ Norm that wanted the Gain to be higher,
Yes, you and l (and l imagine many others) would like to have the Gain kill the sound at minimum…

We really need more people to vote on this…

You’re right, what I said should go under the bug report since it’s a different topic. I thought it would relate to this post but what you said before makes sense now.

Everyone is welcome :smile:

Just like to update this thread to say that both Gain knob kill feature as well as Key Lock on default settings have now been implemented in the latest update 4.01

Thanks Algoriddim staff