Gain problems - Sudden Shifts - reloop Mixtour controller

I have been using the reloop Mixtour controller for the iPad djay app for a few months and while I love it I am finding that occasionally when I am mixing there will be sudden shifts in gain up or down.

These shifts don’t seem to correspond to any particular action. Once I was slowly adjusting the EQ knobs and the gain on the track I was bringing in dropped dramatically.

Another time I wanted to slightly increased the gain on one track and as soon as my finger touched the gain knob the gain shot up to a crazy volume and then quickly faded down to a very low volume. I had to kind of wiggle it back and forth before it leveled off and became predictably responsive to the adjustments.

Is this a glitch. Can this be fixed by firmware or is my unit just broken? I am running the latest update of djay on an iPad 4.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the reply. I have experienced the shift with the auto Gain feature on multiple times and with it off only once . So think it seems to be ok now. I will also turn off the Reset EQ.

Thank you!


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thank you for contacting us and sorry that you have to deal with this problem.

Could you tell us if you are djaying with an active “Auto Gain” and “Reset EQ” setting?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi neil ruddock,

thank you for your post.
This sounds a bit odd. I will try to reproduce the shut down of the controller in a test routine. As I asked ARTCHEMICAL above, do you use the controller with an active “Auto Gain” setting?

Cheers,Lukas E.

I too have this problem - running through my 6S phone. I can work around it by always tweaking the gain controls before mixing into the channel, but is clearly not correct.

Also the Mixtour unit will shut down the sound randomly, usually after 20-30 minutes - requiring a hasty off and on of the power button to restore sound. Of course everyone looks at you as if you’ve made a big mistake! Not sure whether this is a Mixtour or a Djay issue?

Yes - Auto Gain was on and Reset EQ was on. I shall try to replicate both faults tonight with these settings to off. How should these be set for Djay/Mixtour?

The sound going off happens at least 20 minutes into continuous playing - but has done this every time I have passed that mark. A power off/on reinstates immediately, picking up from where the track was i.e… it keeps playing through the phone and even comkes momentarily through the phone speaker until the Mixtour hooks back up.