Gain Reset in new update - bad idea!

In the new update the gain resets everytime a song loads. This is very frustrating especially because if someone would like this to happen they can just select the box in preferences that resets all settings upon song load. Please change this back to it not resetting.

Any comments why this has happened? I luv all the other updates but this makes no practical sense to me.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

This is actually an intended change. Though, we’ve had several similar requests and we will re-evaluate the “correct” behavior for the Gain slider.

I will change this thread into an “idea”.

Thanks for your feedback and support.

We’ve now changed the behavior of the Gain setting:

  • Gain will only reset if “Reset EQ/controls” is enabled

My gains don’t work at all. In app or thru my MixDeck Quad. Never had this issue till today. What is happening?

Hi, I have turned off reset EQ and the gain still resets to below nominal, is this something I can change please ?