gains acting v odd

I have an iPad Pro and using the Denon mc7000. when I load a new track the gain on my controller are very high, then I move the gain knob on my controller, I then move it back to exactly the same level as before and it is a lot lower. its like I need to reset the input every time.

or to put it another way as I can show in a video. a track is loaded, I set the gain on my controller to where I like it (1 yellow light) then when I re load the same track the gain on my controller is very high. happenens on all tracks

Bear in mind that digital signal levels are displayed differently to analogue ones.

Digital has no overhead. 0dB is the max (i.e. at the very top of the meter).

On your controller, the 0dB point is lower on the scale. There’s nothing wrong with the second (louder) level. It’s below 0dB.

Thanks for your input. maybe I didn’t explain very well. the point I am trying to make is this. on the first video I set the gain to 1 yellow light. when I re load the track and don’t move the gain knob at all, the gain input level is super high. then if I move the gain knob a bit and put the level to exactly the same as before the gain goes down to the original level. I have never had this problem on any other dj gear. its odd. does that make sense?

The gain level is not “super high”. As I said, with a digital signal, 0dB is at the very top of the meter, not at the last green LED.

OK understood the gain is not clipping. but the gain input into my controller is changing when I reload the track and it does not make sense why that is my point. The level input should only change when I use the gate knob.

So you load the track, do not move the gain knob, then when you load the same track again, the level is different?

If you’re moving the gain knob, then the system is probably configured to remember the new setting.

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I load a track and move the game knob on my controller to where I want it. As shown in the first video then I reload the same track do not touch the game and the game is a lot higher as shown in the second video is this normal behavior? I’ve never had anything like it on any other software.

Check page 41 of the manual. There are settings for turning off auto gain, and for remembering gain settings.

There’s nothing wrong with having the software take care of it though. The levels are normal, and having it load the same each time is normal. You don’t need to turn it down.

very interesting. on other same the auto gain is in the app, has nothing to do with the gains on the controller. I now see that djay changes its output gain to the channels.

Hi @Nubium ,

Thanks for sharing your recent experience with djay!

Was @PKtheDJ’s suggestions helpful in your situation, or would you like some additional clarification regarding djay’s expected behavior?

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I now understand. I thought that the auto gain was just an internal app thing for all the gains to be the same level Like in Serrato. But now I understand that it’s actually kind of like a gain output into my controller. So for me, it is better to turn off auto as I like to have the gain inputs on my controller channels, lower than what the auto puts out. It Would be nice to be able to pick the amount of auto gain.

Once again, you do not need to turn anything down. There’s nothing wrong with the levels on your meters.

You can ignore the dB markings on your controller. Gain is taken care of. It’s not overloading.