Gapless Vocal Playback feature when vocal-mode enabled.

I’m using neural mix pro , and I wonder if there is Gapless Vocal Playback feature whereby the vocal is played continuously by removing silence portion. This will be great as there are lot of songs whereby there are long silence gap between vocal due to removal of music instrument soundpart. I thinking if there is a checkbox “Gapless” that can be used when vocal mode is used.

In the past, I using Spleeter tensor flow (GitHub - deezer/spleeter: Deezer source separation library including pretrained models.) to separate out the vocal and instrument but take a minute for a song, and then using ffmpeg to remove all silence so that vocal can play continuously, and I find gapless vocal playback is pretty amazing experience (afterall performant don’t leave long gap in live acapella).

Hope this feature come to neural mix pro and djay.

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